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What’s Your Search Strategy?

Blog | 5 minute read
September 14, 2023

What’s Your Search Strategy? As Director of Service Delivery for The Bailey Group, I am responsible for ensuring that we have the best possible coaches and consultants who will exceed our customers’ and clients’ expectations. I am happy to report that our team is incredibly talented. Because we are so invested and committed to actualizing […]

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Elevating Equality: Accelerating Forward Momentum on Women’s Equality Day and Beyond

Blog | 5 minute read
August 24, 2023

Elevating Equality: Accelerating Forward Momentum on Women’s Equality Day and Beyond August is one of my favorite months of the year. The warmth of summer lingers, and the allure of autumn is in the air. We’re not only rounding out my favorite season (can anything beat the sunshiny days of a Minnesota summer?), but also […]

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Hard Truths the Best Leaders Know

Blog | 2 minute read
August 10, 2023

Jon Meacham’s recent biography of Abraham Lincoln – And There Was Light: Abraham Lincoln and the American Struggle – was a reminder of two important leadership truths: 1. Leadership often requires being disliked and unconcerned about other people’s judgments. 2. It also requires the courage to make decisions and act in the face of uncertainty […]

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I’d like to give you some feedback….

Blog | 2 minute read
July 18, 2023

What did you feel when you read this title? If you are like most of us, it brought up feelings. And likely not the pleasant kind… Well, I’ve been giving feedback to clients for the entire 35 years that I’ve been a coach. Often, it’s positive. I get to point out “wins”, celebrate risk taking, […]

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Staying open when we make mistakes

Blog | 3 minute read
June 16, 2023

Getting it wrong when we want to do what’s right At The Bailey Group, we help leaders navigate intense and complex worlds of work. Our executive coaches support leaders with creating and accessing new mindsets and tools that create shifts within their careers and organizations. We are on this journey ourselves. At The Bailey Group […]

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