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Creating an Attractive Working Environment for Early Career Leaders

Blog | 4 minute read
September 20, 2022

As a coach for both executives and early career leaders, there's been an interesting question on my mind lately. Post-pandemic (whenever that will be) and after the dust settles on the "Great Resignation," what will the workforce look like? What will be the most pressing challenges that leaders and employees face at work, and just […]

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The 5 characteristics of a good leader

Blog | 7 minute read
September 15, 2022

Leadership is in the midst of substantial change. Here are the 5 characteristics of a good leader in today’s business environment.

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Quiet Quitting—Let’s take a deeper look

Blog | 5 minute read
September 8, 2022

You have likely heard the recent buzzword Quiet Quitting. As I've been reading about it, I find it has been defined in several ways. To some, it reflects a so-called "Gen Z approach to work" characterized by doing the bare minimum to get by and keeping your job. It's also been described as "setting boundaries"—assuring […]

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The 5 key characteristics of resilient leadership

Blog | 7 minute read
September 1, 2022

Resilient leadership is critical when organizations are in the midst of a crisis. Here are the top qualities of highly resilient leaders.

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Do You Know the Keys to Unlocking Team and Leadership Effectiveness?

Blog | 3 minute read
August 25, 2022

Psychological safety and trust are issues that often come up in our LevelUP™ work executive teams. They are also critical for creating a successful coaching relationship. Unfortunately, the terms are frequently ill-defined or misunderstood. Long before the term psychological safety was popularized in Google's Project Aristotle, Carl Rogers was researching the question of what makes […]

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Before and After

Blog | 3 minute read
August 18, 2022

We are used to "before and after" pictures, videos, or statistics in our personal and work lives. None is more visual than the weight loss images that are ubiquitous in January, when New Year's resolutions are being made, and in late Spring as preparations are being made for "beach season." In a high performing society, […]

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