eBook: Overcoming leadership challenges in the 21st century workplace

by The Bailey Group | Jun 30, 2022

In our latest e-book, “Overcoming leadership challenges in the 21st century workplace,” we take a close look at the structural changes in the workplace that have impacted leadership teams since the start of the 21st century, primarily in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of the key takeaways you’ll gather when you read the e-book include:

  • The sudden shift to remote (and eventually hybrid) work models in response to the COVID-19 outbreak made a strong sense of purpose and belonging a top priority for employees — and a core responsibility for leaders.
  • As employees place a greater priority on their lives outside of work, they are asking for more balance and flexibility from their employer organizations. Employees are also moving to other organizations more than ever. This has made it challenging for leaders to devise effective succession plans for the future.
  • Old skill sets that defined success before the 21st century are no longer suited for the modern work environment. Leaders will have to invest in the development of new skills — like agility, empathy, and open-mindedness — to drive future success.
  • At The Bailey Group, we practice what we preach. All of the coaching methods and leadership skills we share with clients have been tested and fine-tuned by our own leadership teams to ensure they deliver real value.

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