ALIGN the Executive Team

A misaligned executive leadership team is the CEO’s ultimate roadblock to organizational transformation. Our experienced advisors work with you and your executive team to ensure each member has the mindset and motivation critical for driving organizational transformation.

We partner with CEOs to ensure the executive team is aligned with the organization on vision, strategy and culture. Then we work with you to build mutually trusting relationships, identify priorities for team alignment and provide the tools to get there.

What you gain:

  1. A high level of mutual trust with your executive team. We ensure opportunities for open dialogue are provided and expectations are clear. We work with you to demonstrate your ongoing commitment to the success of individual team members, the entire team and the organization.
  2. A group of enterprise leaders that trust one another. We facilitate team coaching sessions in real time—during your team meetings—to improve communication, resolve conflict and drive decision-making. We turn division into unity, ensuring all team members are on the same page.
  3. An energized executive team with the tools to work together and achieve success. We design and facilitate customized coaching sessions focused on real work and team development. We ensure that the right leaders are in place to drive organizational transformation forward and everyone is prepared to do their part.

What we cover:

  • Review of organizational assessment outcomes and session planning
  • Assessment and review of executive team leadership skills and characteristics
  • Customized team coaching sessions/transformational leadership development
  • One-on-one team member coaching when necessary

Our proven LEVERAGE™ process ensures the executive team is united with the CEO and each other, and everyone is leading at their personal best. As a result, transformation begins to take hold and cascade through the organization.
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