Before and After

Sal Mondelli | August 18, 2022 | Blog | 3 minute read

We are used to "before and after" pictures, videos, or statistics in our personal and work lives. None is more visual than the weight loss images that are ubiquitous in January, when New Year's resolutions are being made, and in late Spring as preparations are being made for "beach season."

In a high performing society, almost everyone is looking to improve in some area of their lives. That might involve enlisting an instructor or coach to accelerate progress in areas such as physical fitness, athletic events, or personal development. My experience is that all coaches, no matter what the discipline, uses a method similar to schoolteachers.

  1. Create a plan.
  2. Teach and practice the planned events.
  3. Measure or test before and after.

Maybe you have had the same experience that I have had in the following areas.

Physical Fitness

If you want to improve your health this could involve a personal trainer, physical therapist, chiropractor or all the above. Mine involved lower back issues with a herniated disk. After a physical exam and check for range of motion, we developed a plan that included in person therapy, and at home exercises. All were designed to strengthen hip and leg muscles, and to reduce pressure on the lower back which would hopefully avoid surgery. After a few sessions, the results were noticeable. In addition, my balance improved significantly. Going from only being able to balance on one foot for about 5 seconds on a mat, to 45 + seconds on a rubber platform. I still do those exercises at home every day.

Athletic Events

Our 12-year-old granddaughter plays on a fast pitch softball team, and they worked in a dome all winter to improve their skills and teamwork. Each pitcher even has their own individual coach. They are having a great season and will compete in the state tournament this weekend.

Golf, a sport that many people enjoy playing, requires a great deal of skill that most of us (especially me) do not possess on a consistent basis. Tiger Woods is an example of an extremely accomplished professional who, even though he was ranked #1 in the world, decided to change his swing. Why would he do that? Because he wanted to improve. Muscle memory is paramount in a successful golf swing, and it must take a lot of practice and mental agility to undo a very successful method. Yet he did just that. I remember reading an article where he said at one point, he called his swing coach and said "I've finally got it" meaning he had mastered the mental and physical aspects of his new swing into something repeatable and sustainable. I have unfortunately never been that fortunate with golf!! Se la vie!!

Personal Development

Many senior or high potential executives engage a coach to assist them in preparing for a transition to another level up in the corporate ladder. Changes will be necessary as "the skills and experiences that made you successful at your current level, will not necessarily help you be successful at the next level." Like Tiger Woods, you will need to exercise different muscles and create new "muscle memory" to elevate your game. Utilizing the training model of a) planning b) practicing and c) measuring is key to sustained success. We utilize that model at The Bailey Group including a proprietary measurement system that tracks and monetizing the positive affect of coaching.

Expectations and Outcomes

To benefit from utilizing an instructor or coach you need a level of commitment to the process:

  1. Show up prepared and engaged each time you meet.
  2. Practice in between sessions.
  3. Be open to change which is sometimes uncomfortable.

You should expect a similar commitment from your instructor or coach:

  1. Honest feedback
  2. Accountability partner
  3. Insights and perspectives

The expected outcomes and benefits of working with an instructor or coach transcends any of the three areas mentioned above:

  1. Compress the timeframe to achieve your goal.
  2. Gain additional perspective.
  3. Increased personal capacity.

Are you using an instructor or coach to assist you in achieving your personal goals? You will likely achieve your desired results quicker and with more confidence if you do so.

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