Am I Capable of Leading This Company Through Hard Times? Who Can I Talk To? 2nd in a Series of 4

The Bailey Group | June 11, 2013 | Blog | CEO Advisory | 2 minute read

Not only is it lonely at the top, it’s also really tough!

Okay, maybe that’s no surprise.  The role of CEO is a complex one, and it’s changed a lot in the past decade.  In a climate of rapid change with very little stability, today’s CEOs are under enormous pressure.  New markets and technologies are emerging, and some long-time business models are becoming obsolete.  The stakes are high.  CEOs have to be able to quickly identify and articulate the state of their organizations, bring together their stakeholders, and forge a clear path that can connect the organization to the outside world.

CEOs have unique pressures and demands that other executives don’t have to deal with—greater accountability, visibility, and impact to the organization.  The primary purpose of CEO coaching services is to help identify, articulate, and resolve the barriers to having maximum, positive impact on the organization.

One side effect of being a CEO is that people want to please you; unfortunately sometimes this means you get shielded from unpleasant truths and receive only positive feedback.  It’s all too common for people to disguise or conceal things from you.

But, fret not!  A CEO advisor can be there for you in a way that no one internally or on your Board can.  An advisor can keep your ego in check, act as a sounding board, and even play devil’s advocate.  An advisor can ask provocative questions and give you objective feedback that others can’t or won’t give.  A CEO advisor can offer you the opportunity to vet your decisions and ideas before taking them to your ELT or Board.  An advisor can even help you align your personal values and belief system with your role and organization—not only making you a stronger leader, but a better leader for your organization in particular.

Maybe you’re a first-time CEO, or perhaps you are just feeling lost or burnt-out.  Maybe your organization is in the midst of rapid growth or change, or you just want to get better prepared to lead your organization through tough times.  Whatever the case may be, The Bailey Group can help.  For more information on our CEO Advisory and other leadership developmentservices, give us a call at 763.545.5997.