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Four Ways CEOs Can Become the Alignment They Seek

Blog | CEO Advisory | 2 minute read
March 10, 2020

As a CEO and leader, you must be personally aligned before you can expect your team to be aligned. Here are four ways to ensure personal alignment.

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Is This Executive Coachable?

June 26, 2019

There are two factors to consider when determining if someone is coachable – their ability to change and their willingness to change.

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Are You a CEO Leading Like a COO?

Blog | CEO Advisory | 2 minute read
June 12, 2019

To lead like a CEO means to hold the team and individual ELT members accountable for goals and deadlines and to be relentless in making changes in leadership when necessary. This is not easy, but the end result is a high-functioning ELT.

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CEOs Stuck in Swampland: The Impact of Unresolved Shame on Leadership Behavior

Blog | CEO Advisory | 3 minute read
May 8, 2019

Leaders frequently approach their roles with unconscious and deeply entrenched feelings of shame rooted in their early experiences dealing with authority figures. This can result in significant roadblocks in building effective teams.

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What Does Your Organization’s 10-Year-Old Strategic Plan Reveal?

Blog | CEO Advisory | 1 minute read
April 10, 2019

Some organizations have been aware of the need for transformation for some time but have just not acted on it. The biggest leadership issue is often not a lack of strategic insight into what needs to be done, but is instead, one of leadership.

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Five Signs You Could Be Leading Like a Jerk

Blog | CEO Advisory | 2 minute read
November 7, 2018

When organizations choose individuals to be CEOs, they tend to choose individuals who are more confident, fearless, competitive, and high-achieving than the average person. Those characteristics, absent emotional intelligence, may seem leader-like, but produce leaders who might actually be unlikable.

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