Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Bailey Group (TBG), a leading provider of executive coaching services for 35 years, is thrilled to announce its acquisition by internal stakeholders. This is a milestone in a journey toward sustained growth.

Leigh Bailey founded The Bailey Group in 1989. He was committed to finding future owners of The Bailey Group (TBG), who embody TBG’s core values, align with its purpose, and want to continue the healthy expansion of the company’s impact.

The three new owners possess strong ties to TBG: two are current coach/consultants, and the third is its current President. This strategic acquisition underscores TBG’s continued service to clients while making intentional moves toward greater impact. Leigh will remain with TBG for the foreseeable future because he is passionate about the work of the organization, its clients, and his coaching practice.

New owner Jim Willenbring has been an executive coach and consultant at the firm.  He will succeed Leigh as CEO. His background in strategy, marketing, and innovation includes decades working at Medtronic.

Kaylee Thomsen is TBG’s current President and has played other key leadership roles, serving as COO and Director of Finance, Operations and Administration.

Ann Houser is a TBG executive coach and consultant and is a former Medtronic Human Resources VP. Prior to that, she was an HR leader at General Mills and IBM.

This acquisition by internal stakeholders reflects a deep-rooted belief in The Bailey Group’s vision and values. By retaining ownership within the organization, TBG aims to leverage its collective expertise and insights to drive innovation and continue to deliver value to clients.

As TBG embarks on this new chapter, it remains committed to enabling leaders and their teams to create healthier work cultures, greater personal fulfillment, more meaningful work, better financial results, and improved organizational outcomes for its partners.

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