2017goalsAs I move into 2017, I want to make some commitments to my clients—current and future. Here they are:

  1. I will seek to fully understand your world and your strengths. My ability to see the world as you do is one of the greatest gifts a coach—or anyone—can give you. My ability to help you truly own what makes you special will allow you to share your strengths with your leaders and your organization. I have always believed that each of us does a few things better than anyone else in the world. I want you to know those few things about yourself.
  2. I will strive to be the kind of coach that helps you feel better about your leadership now than you did last year … and have the evidence to prove it. I have been told my “brand” as a coach is to be direct and up-front about what I see—while always respecting the person behind the behavior. I will point out your success and notice your growth as a leader.
  3. I will value the business goals you are driven—and expected—to achieve. I will help you understand and manage your drive to allow your executive brain to function at its highest. This way, you will display the best judgment behind your most difficult decisions, be efficient in your actions and choose the wisest priorities.
  4. I will help you find the positive lessons in whatever s&*^% happens on the job. I will help you understand your contributions and how it was NOT ALL YOU. I will be proud to watch you get back on that horse again.
  5. I will continue to find the parallels between what I learn from training my dogs and your leadership. My Aussies are like the best emotional part of us—driven to express whatever is inside them at the moment without malice and without ego. They’re ever enthusiastic, ever hopeful, ever loving and ever forgiving.

If you are my client now, keep me honest. If you are not my client, I wish you a coach who offers this to you.

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