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Category: Executive Coaching

The Risks of Having Transactional Relationships with Your Peers

April 11, 2023

When everything you’ve tried to help someone change isn’t working, leaders often call us to see how we can help. Here are some questions to prepare for as we work through possible solutions.

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Are Ordinary Kleshas Putting Your Leadership Career in Jeopardy?

September 29, 2022

Because of early developmental experiences, all of us have certain situations that trigger anxious feelings. Unless we know ourselves well and recognize this is going on, we will respond using strategies we developed when we were young and less experienced to reduce the anxiety.

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Choosing the Path of Personal Growth is Hard

March 3, 2022

One of the biggest reasons personal growth can be challenging is mental dissonance. Understanding and working through dissonance requires self-awareness and a willingness to take risks. And it requires discipline and daily effort.

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You Have the Power to Create Your Reality – For Better or Worse

December 21, 2021

What you think of as “reality” is actually an interaction between what is happening “out there” and the interpretations your brain makes of the data it takes in through your senses. These interpretations are heavily influenced by past experiences including concepts you were taught growing up and emotionally intense events you have lived through.

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Leaders (and Citizens): Listen more, Shout less

September 8, 2021

Curiosity and open-mindedness are signs of humility, another trait of the best leaders I know. Humility requires being an adult…having the capacity to both have an opinion and to recognize others have a right to theirs, even if it different from one’s own.

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