Understanding Human Behavior

At The Bailey Group, we recognize the importance of scientifically, not just intuitively, understanding human beings. We use tools that more accurately and predictably help us understand human beings, and it is precisely this knowledge that we bring to coaching.

Do You Have a Good Team?

Exceptional leaders know what makes good teams. They are purposeful in selecting team members who can accomplish what needs doing and can interact with others skillfully.

Five Signs You Could Be Leading Like a Jerk

When organizations choose individuals to be CEOs, they tend to choose individuals who are more confident, fearless, competitive, and high-achieving than the average person. Those characteristics, absent emotional intelligence, may seem leader-like, but produce leaders who might actually be unlikable.

We Agree. Hiring is Hard Work.

When hiring, the key to success is finding the place where the individual’s talents, experiences, and aspirations intersect with the organization’s needs. When the overlap of these criteria is good, candidates are more likely to become team members who want to stay, learn, and grow.