Patience. Where can I get some of that? NOW!

It takes a lot of compassion and resiliency to thrive right now. And, it takes patience—for yourself and others—as we all learn a new way to be normal at work and/or at home. If your patience is being stretched thin, here are three tips.

Spotting High Potential Talent in Healthcare

Healthcare clinics, hospitals, other care facilities require an amazing diversity of talent, from specialists to managers, and administrators. Leaders, however, do not always come from the same ranks as the best specialists or best managers. So, how should they find this talent?

Lean Into Reducing Unconscious Bias

Becoming aware of, and reducing unconscious bias is more critical now than ever. Noticing “differences” as potential threats takes place in our emotional brain. But our neo-cortex, or executive function of the brain, can lean in and make thoughtful, logical, reliable, and useful decisions.