Leading Your All-Star Team

Every day has the potential to be an All-Star Game for leaders in organizations. At any point in time you have a team of players – some you have inherited and some you have chosen.

Imagine Your Dream Team

Imagine that you had the best team ever. A team aligned around purpose, goals, roles and norms. A team with the right talent, who work collaboratively and cohesively, trusting one another. Now imagine where you could go with that team.

The Biology Behind Bias

According to the latest brain research, working through personality differences is a biological, not just a psychological, challenge.  The unconscious part of our brain is evolutionarily wired to prefer people who are similar to us, regardless of whether or not our...

Team Issues Are Not Always What They Seem

One of the most challenging roles of CEOs is building a team that thrives and performs at its peak. Many factors that influence team performance. Faced with under performing teams, many CEO’s do nothing or take action on a symptom not the cause.