Leaders (and Citizens): Listen more, Shout less

Curiosity and open-mindedness are signs of humility, another trait of the best leaders I know. Humility requires being an adult…having the capacity to both have an opinion and to recognize others have a right to theirs, even if it different from one’s own.

Why Should Companies Invest in Executive Coaches?

I am often asked “what do executive coaches do?” Instead of trying to tell you what they do, I would rather tell you why companies invest in them. The short answer Executive coaches are most often invited into organizations for two reasons: To accelerate the...

Becoming a Better Leader Requires Rewiring Your Brain

Change requires physically rewiring your brain, creating new synaptic connections where they didn’t exist before. And, because old habits create well-trodden paths in your brain (paths with strong synaptic connections), it requires planning and intentionality to avoid slipping back into old behavior.