The Power to Empower

Executive leaders are responsible for maximizing the contribution of leaders at all levels. If a subordinate leader fails in following your strategic direction it could feel like there is an irreconcilable conflict between being tolerant of mistakes and holding team members accountable. But executives who are truly committed to empowering subordinates will always make a change.

Communicating Strategic Intent

Executive leadership is faced with the challenge of maximizing the contribution of leaders at all levels. To get more initiative and innovation from followers, you may have to change how you communicate strategic intent.

Building a Culture of Accountability

High achieving executives are vulnerable to the belief that working harder and taking personal responsibility is the answer to building a culture of accountability. Unfortunately, these two strategies only reinforce the problem.

Stereotype Threat

Stereotype threat is the pressure felt not to confirm a negative stereotype about an aspect of one’s identity. This threat, real or perceived, can become part of daily reality and can impact relationships, performance and behavior.