Why Should Companies Invest in Executive Coaches?

I am often asked “what do executive coaches do?” Instead of trying to tell you what they do, I would rather tell you why companies invest in them. The short answer Executive coaches are most often invited into organizations for two reasons: To accelerate the...

Becoming a Better Leader Requires Rewiring Your Brain

Change requires physically rewiring your brain, creating new synaptic connections where they didn’t exist before. And, because old habits create well-trodden paths in your brain (paths with strong synaptic connections), it requires planning and intentionality to avoid slipping back into old behavior.

Team Development in “The Real World”

Teams that are stuck in storming experience similar “symptoms” including strained interpersonal relationships, recurring conflicts, and difficulty making decisions that “stick”. Team leaders often diagnose these problems as a “lack of trust”. Unfortunately, while there may be an element of truth in this diagnosis, focusing on trust usually won’t solve the problem.