How to Get Started Hiring for the Future

The Bailey Group | June 12, 2012 | Blog | Succession Planning/Pre-Hire Assessment | 1 minute read

As we continue to emerge from the recession and transition to “the new economy”, the need to hire new talent will become more urgent. The problem with hiring new talent is… we’re rusty. We’ve made do with what we have for over 2 years and have tried hard to develop and retain talent in the midst of uncertainty and change. We’re out of practice.

Where do we start?

To quote Stephen Covey, “begin with the end in mind”. Pull out your strategic plan and answer the following questions:

  1. What is the future vision for the organization (or department or team)?
  2. What strategic initiatives and efforts are required to achieve this vision?
  3. What skills and leadership competencies will be needed to carry out these efforts?
  4. What skills and leadership competencies are in place today?
  5. What are the gaps?

Armed with these answers, you can begin to sketch out a talent plan for the future. You may find that you have many of the skills and competencies needed already but there is a need to redesign the organization structure to direct talent where it is needed most. You may realize that you have an overabundance of skill in a particular area and a glut in another. This analysis will help you pinpoint exactly what you need to fulfill through your future hiring efforts.

As you build job descriptions – and interview questions – consider not only the education and requisite job experience needed to fulfill the role, but also the skills and competencies needed for the future. This future focus will ensure not only a good hire, but a sustainable and retainable hire.

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