Lessons I Learned from Completing RAGBRAI

The annual Register Great Bike Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) was held last week, reminding me of lessons learned by completing it six years ago, including the value of getting out of my comfort zone and the importance of preparation. These and other lessons have practical applications in the world of business.

Those Who Will Not Risk Cannot Win

Balancing the tension between risk and reward in pursuing the goals of an organization is an attribute that first-time leaders can learn by observing others, joining a peer group, or engaging an executive coach.

Foundational Leadership Principles

On Induction Day at the Naval Academy our Superintendent spoke to us about three things that have become the bedrock of a leadership style I have tried to pass on throughout my career. Commitment, accountability, and the Honor Concept.

Every Company Needs A Succession Plan

Most organizations do not want to think about the eventuality of the CEO leaving, and many incumbent CEOs feel threatened when the Board wants to talk about succession. Be transparent with those discussions because having this process in place is a part of a comprehensive Risk Assessment, and continuity plan.