Staying the Same Means You’re Falling Behind

You’ve likely heard about the pitfalls of “staying the same” and falling behind. But have you thought about how that applies to you specifically? Remember that you are the one in charge of your future and personal brand, and sometimes you need to take a risk or a step backwards to achieve the goal that you have in mind.

Own It

Are you owning actions in your business and personal life in a way that makes a difference? “Owning it” means taking the positive or negative results and turning them into life lessons either for yourself or others.

Lessons I Learned from Completing RAGBRAI

The annual Register Great Bike Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) was held last week, reminding me of lessons learned by completing it six years ago, including the value of getting out of my comfort zone and the importance of preparation. These and other lessons have practical applications in the world of business.