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02 Nov

Great Leaders Embrace the Insecure Child Inside

Barb Krantz TaylorBy Barb Krantz Taylor

Stress and pressure trigger the emotional brain, which can lead to unhelpful/ineffective responses in a range of leadership situations. Since executives (and many of the rest of us) are under lots of stress and pressure, it stands to reason that their emotional brains will hijack them and bring forth less-than-stellar leadership skills. In fact, Michael

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18 Oct

Accountability Is Not a Four-Letter Word

Martha CarlsonBy Martha Carlson

One of the topics at a recent onboarding session for some of our CEO advisors was the types of problems CEOs face and how we work with them to solve them. As we were talking, I was reminded that a significant aspect of a CEO advisory engagement (or any executive coaching engagement) is accountability. According

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11 Oct

Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Disruptive Change—Oh My!

Leigh BaileyBy Leigh Bailey

The Bailey Group is a partner with Minnesota Public Radio for Conversations on the Creative Economy—a series of discussions with Chris Farrell and local business founders and chief executive officers that explore how they encourage creativity and innovation in their organizations. The first event of the 2016-2017 season featured an interview with Ravi Norman, CEO of THOR Construction, who provided

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10 Oct

What is Your Critical Inch as a CEO?

Leigh BaileyBy Leigh Bailey

One of my CEO clients uses a concept with his team he calls the “critical inch.” As he uses the term, critical inch refers to the most important contribution you make to your firm’s success. The idea: If you know and focus on your critical inch, your efforts will have the greatest impact. I recently

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06 Oct

Succession Planning and CEO Personalities

Sal MondelliBy Sal Mondelli

I found the recent Harvard Business Review article “A CEO’s Personality Can Undermine Succession Planning” an interesting read, and it raised a question for me: How can the issues described by the authors (having no succession plan or successor, going through the motions of designating a successor, designating the wrong successor, or undermining or discrediting

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05 Oct

It’s Not About You

Danielle PaulsonBy Danielle Paulson

No lie—everyone in my world seems to be dealing with at least one person who’s suddenly acting like a complete jackass. The most recent examples include my 10-year-old’s “best friends” suddenly taking the lead role in “Mean Girls,” resulting in several days of tearful evening conversations; a close business associate of my husband, whom he

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21 Sep

What Color Are the Filters in Your Leadership Telescope?

Leigh BaileyBy Leigh Bailey

Several years ago I bought a telescope and the accessories to go with it. My favorite accessories were the colored filters that allowed parts of the visible light spectrum to pass through while others were blocked. Early on, I’d forget I was using a colored filter to view an object. Thus, I may have falsely believed that Mars

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