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16 Jul

Communication is Key to Understanding People’s Uncertainties…Am I Communicating Effectively? 1st in a Series of 3

The Bailey GroupBy The Bailey Group

Here’s an incredibly obvious statement:  Communication is key.  It moves relationships forward; it moves organizations forward.  Organizational communication can be an incredibly complex organism, and one important step to navigating it is recognizing multigenerational differences within your organization or team. Rapid advances in technology have turned what used to be simple communications into not-so-simple ones.  With

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04 Jun

Am I Capable of Leading This Company Through Hard Times? Who Can I Talk To? 1st in a Series of 4

Barb Krantz TaylorBy Barb Krantz Taylor

We all know the phrase “It’s lonely at the top”. Nowhere does this seem more applicable than with today’s CEOs.  Legitimately, there are issues that are clearly inappropriate or too risky to share with members of the Board or members of your Executive Leadership Team. Good choice for keeping that information to yourself! However, that does not preclude you from

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17 Jul

What Millenials Can Teach CEOs

Barb Krantz TaylorBy Barb Krantz Taylor

I am not much of a futurist in that I rarely think about current trends that predict major changes in the years ahead. However, there is one that I predict may be huge in the next decade—and maybe sooner. That is, a coming backlash against the demanding workloads many organizations place on their most valuable

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19 Jun

Why Ask Why???

The Bailey GroupBy The Bailey GroupThe Bailey Group, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

One of the most common coaching conversations I have with clients is all about speculating on the “why” of other people’s behavior.  Why did an interaction go wrong (when I thought it went fine)? Why didn’t they understand what I said (after I’d said it so clearly)? Why do they keep doing that (after I’d

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