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Four Mindfulness Practice Benefits for CEOs

Mindful leadership training integrates the practice of mindfulness meditation with the practical tools of management. Here are just a few of the results of a regular mindfulness practice: Stress reduction More clarity and focus More patience and gratitude Better...

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Welcoming the Benefits of Unexpected Turnover

In early June, I wrote a blog titled "When It’s Time to Help Someone Off the Bus," addressing what to do when you recognize that someone on your team can’t or won’t get on board with the transformation you are working to influence in your organization. But what...

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No Upward Leaping Monkeys

You are probably familiar with the idiom of “having a monkey on your back,” typically used to describe a problem that you are wrestling with. Common variations on this theme include getting the monkey off your back, passing the monkey and the question, who’s got the...

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Leadership on a Stick

It’s State Fair time in Minnesota and that means vendors are vying for the most creative ways to put a variety of foods on a stick. It’s convenient for the fair-goer on the run. If only leadership could be done that way… HEY, wait a minute. That gives me an idea. Most...

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When Better Is Not Good Enough

I listened this week to a rebroadcast of a speech Lyndon Johnson gave to a joint session of congress when he proposed the voting rights act. The gist of his speech was that while things had gotten better for African Americans, they were still not good enough when it...

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Do You Know Your Colleague’s Love Language?

Recently, a girlfriend and I were discussing the highs and lows of relationships, marriage, being a mom, etc.—all the good stuff that comes easy and the things that make us want to poke our (or someone else’s) eyes out. Eventually, the conversation took a turn when...

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